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Место: Гоголь-центр (Малый зал)
Дата: 26.04.2019
Время: 20:30
Возрастная категория: 16+

Nine is the performance based on Nine Days in One Year movie by Michail Romm, born as a result of the laboratory in directing “Cinema-Theatre”, aimed at creating work in progress of productions based on screenplays to Soviet films.The story of the three physicists: Ilya, a successful social climber, Lelia, a girl looking for her niche in this life and Mitay, a young scientist ready to sacrifice all of himself for the sake of a scientific discovery. Their destinies are linked together into a love triangle, where its characters are trying to find their happiness – each of them in a way he understands it and feels it should be.The performance about the past comes to the debate with the present and raises simple, but at the same time complicated questions about the meaning of life, about love, about the power of the Act and the price of a victim. And most importantly about the time which is measured out to a human in this world, and about the things that he can succeed or fail to do during this time.At the heart of the play there are first of all the relationships between the three young people and their attempt to sort out their feelings; the science is just a background to the events.

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